July 16, 2007

A trip to Sihanouk Ville

Me in the car
It's me, i took it while we're on the way to Sihanouk Ville

view of the way to sihanouk ville
A beautiful view along the way to Sihanouk Ville

My friends were laughing... seemed like too much fun see?

me again
I took this picture in Sokha Hotel

my friend bonan
He is my friend, bonan and he took it in Sokha Hotel too.

There was so much fun for a night stay at Sihanouk Ville. We've been enjoying very much at the beach either somewhere else overall there. We went there with 7 people, and they are all my close friends. On the way to go to the place we wanted to reach, we've discussed with each other about sleeping, eating, and swimming. More than that, we did tell the joke stories and shared laughs together.

A long the way going there, it was raining and we parked at Yeay Mao for praying for our safety trip. It's a place where people do praying when they drive pass that way. It is a belief of our Cambodian people for Yeay Mao and treated her as our safe saver. It was an amazing because it placed up on the mountain and there was so many smog around and so darkness once. Too bad i've not taken the pictures at there.

For few hours later, we've reached Sihanouk Ville and we're all woke up again hahaha... forget to tell you all that's i was sleeping along the way there. When we reached the beach, we decided to go to swim at Sokha's beach.. Guess what? Nobody went there for swimming, only my group hahaha, like the beach belonged to us. 2hours after that, we prepared ourself and looked for the hotel. As far as we found a hotel named Punlue-ras thmey. We're all take like 1hour for showering and 1 hour for relaxing.

At the evening at the same day 14th July 07, we went to the market to get some foods such as chicken fried, shrimps, and fishes. Drinking Tiger Beers awww i was drunk for whole night haha, but we still can go to karaoke at 333, so much fun and still tiger beer there :( i was really drunk that night. At around 12 AM midnight we back to the hotel and i was fell asleep till the morning light.

About 9 AM in the morning, we went out for breakfast at the local restaurant there, after having had a breakfast, we drove around the Sihanouk Ville area. And we went to the beach again at Chhne Ou-Chheu-Teal and had lunch there for like 3hours. At 2:30 PM, we returned back to Phnom Penh and we arrived at about 7PM. and I was so tired and slept haha that's all about my trip.